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TSU-3000 - Telecom Security Unit  (for export only)
The TSU-3000 has been developed by REI in order to provide a "realistic" approach to the problem of telephone communication security. The TSU-3000 is based on military countermeasure technology, and is interconnected with your telephone line. The TSU-3000 effectively "jams" telephone taps while not affecting normal conversation.
Eavesdropping devices which utilize high effective impedance, and capacitive or inductive coupling are for the most part undetectable by conventional methods. Telephone analyzers, which require expert technical knowledge, may completely miss these devices unless accompanied by sophisticated "Time Domain Reflectometry".
  • Connects directly in line with the telephone and does not interfere with normal conversation.
  • Protects up to 7,000 ft (2,100m) depending on the Telephone Line.
  • Provides protection without requiring sophisticated encryption at both ends of the conversation.
  • Simple two button operation selects the security mode while internal functions are monitored by a bargraph display.
  • Separate Tip and Ring outputs for voltmeter (or telephone analyzer) measurements.

*Does no comply with FCC part 68 (Export Only).