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TRD-800 Vibrating Tape Recorder/RF Detector
The TRD-800 is designed specifically to protect your information by "silently vibrating" in the presence of a tape recorder* or RF bugging device.

Designed to be worn on the body, the silent mode vibrator is totally covert in operation and alerts only you in the presence of a recorder or bug. Comes with dual mode wristband antenna and built-in rechargeable battery.


There are several "copies" of the TRD-800 on the market because of it's success as a product. While some of the copies may be cheaper, they do not provide the frequency performance and sensitivity of the true REI TRD-800.
  • Detects RF Eavesdropping Devices & Tape Recorders. Contains separate RF and magnetic receivers with independent indicators.
  • Pocket-size design with Dual Mode Wristband Antenna.
  • Silent Vibrator alert, with on/off selectability.
  • Manual Reset for Ident LEDs with Automatic Level Control
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack (self-contained) with Low Battery LED Indicator.
  • Rugged, Aircraft Aluminum Construction with padded carrying case.

* Tape recorders must contain magnetic bias oscillators to be detectable.

   Product is not adequate for TSCM sweeps, and is for screening purposes only.
  • Frequency Response: 10kHz - 1GHz
  • VLF Magnetic Response: 38-45 kHz
  • Typical RF detection range: 3 ft (depending on the transmitter output)
  • Typical Tape Recorder Detection Range: 1-3 ft (depends on make of Tape recorder)
  • Size: 7/8 x 2 1/4 x 3 1/2 in / 2.22 x 5.72 x 8.89 cm
  • Weight: 6 oz, 170 g
  • Internal battery: 7.2V 100mAh, 8-10hrs use per charge
  • External charger: 115 or 230 VAC available