Short Form Catalog
Technician's Locator Kit:
The Technicians kit is our popular field service kit for telephone and security technicians.  

The RFX-1500/2500 is primarily designed for use outdoors. The RFX-2500 Receiver has been set up with a very hi gain. Using this Receiver indoors is not recommended except in large office tours and industrial sites.

This kit allows them to locate all wires and cables inside a building or buried in the back yard.

The Technician's Locator Kit consists of:

  • RFX-2500 Receiver with Headset Jack
  • RFX-1500 Low Power Transmitter
  • Stubby Antenna
  • Ground Extender Cable
  • Medium Carry Case


Tech Kit
Low Cost Locator Kit:
The Low Cost Kit is a favorite with Electricians who need an accurate and low cost locator to pin point electrical wires behind wall, floors and ceilings.

The Low Cost Locator Kit consists of:

  • RFX-2000 Receiver 
  • RFX-1000 Low Power Transmitter
  • Stubby Antenna
  • Ground Extender
  • Small Carry Case



Low Cost Kit
Additional Products and Accessories:

P-1 Direct Connect Probe
P-4 Long Length Antenna